QuickStart Guide

Step 1: connect signal and power

To get started, connect the MonoDAQ devices as indicated in the schematic below using the MonoDAQ Power Package. You will need an RJ45 network card port on the PC or a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. Signal and power is transmitted from the power injector to the devices over the same cable.

To connect multiple devices, simply daisy-chain them. Keep in mind the IN and OUT labels of the EtherCAT (RJ45) ports: the port closer to the master (PC or controller) is always IN port.


Step 2: download and install software

Download DEWESoft software and install it.

Download DEWESoft software

You should see the connected MonoDAQ devices in the Settings/Devices window.

Analog input devices (1xACC, 1xSTG, 1xLV etc.) are configured in the Analog In tab of the DEWESoft Channel Setup.