MonoDAQ measurement solutions

MonoDAQ offers cost effective measurement systems that are used across the industries in the following applications:

  • machine condition monitoring
    • bearing fault detection
    • lubricant pressure and temperature measurement
    • vibration monitoring
  • process monitoring
    • temperature and humidity measurement
    • pressure measurement
  • quality control in production line
    • straightness/flatness measurement
    • displacement measurement
    • load and weight measurement
  • structural condition monitoring
    • continuous bridge monitoring
    • steel construction monitoring
    • antenna monitoring
  • embedded systems development
    • low current power measurement

Quality control

A great example of a complex quality check system was implemented in ŠtoreSteel. See the video below or learn more details about the application here.

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Machine condition monitoring

An example of a MonoDAQ machine condition monitoring system was implemented by ISE Srl to monitor a paper mill gearbox and prevent or predict production line shut down.

paper mill machine

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Structural condition monitoring

A wide scale MonoDAQ bridge monitoring system is being deployed on Italian highways by ESSEBI Srl to prevent disasters such as Genoa bridge collapse.

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MonoDAQ hardware

The above mentioned applications are made possible by a wide variety of measurement hardware in MonoDAQ product line. MonoDAQ-E and MonoDAQ-U product lines can measure any kind of physical quantities:

  • voltage
  • current
  • resistance
  • temperature
  • acceleration
  • strain
  • force
  • pressure
  • displacement
  • rotational velocity
  • etc.

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DEWESoft software

All MonoDAQ hardware operates with space-proven DEWESoft software that has been developed and used in wordwide applicaitons for more than 20 years.

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