MonoDAQ® in action

Mount the modules next to your sensors, ensuring perfect signal conditioning. Connect them via a standard UTP cable for data, synchronization and power – and you are ready to measure!


EtherCAT modules

Choose the right amplifiers for your sensors and digital modules for test control.



Isolated IEPE sensor interface

ADC 24 bit
Sample rate 1 kS/s
Input range ±10, 5, 1, 0.2 V
IEPE current 4 mA
HP filter DC, 0.1 Hz, 1 Hz

Full specs

Buy €549,00

VX - Meter


Isolated strain gauge amplifier

ADC 24 bit
Sample rate 1 kS/s
Input range ±50, 10, 1, 0.1 V, 20 mA
Bridge Full, half, quarter
Excitation 0..24 V, 22 mA

Full specs

Buy €649,00

G - Meter


Isolated digital inputs

Channels 4
Sample rate 1 kS/s
Max. level 30 V
Sensor supply 5 V, 12 V, ECAT
Isolation Ch-Ch, Ch-Gnd

Full specs

Buy €390,00

BIT - Meter


High current digital output

Channels 4
Sample rate 1 kS/s
Type Open collector
Max. current 2 A
Supply voltage 5 V, 12 V, ECAT
Isolation Ch-Gnd

Full specs

Buy €449,00


DJB A/120/V

IEPE accelerometer

Sensitivity 10 mV/g | 1 V/g
Noise level eq. 5 mg | 3 mg
HP filter 0.1 Hz | 1 Hz
Saturation limit 500 g | 50 g
Resonant frequency 28 kHz
Weight 12.5 gm

Full specs

Buy €390,00

VX - Meter


Low-latency analog output

DAC resolution 18 bit
Sample rate 1 kS/s
Output range ±10 V
Max. current 20 mA
Max. load 500 Ohm
Max. capacitive load 20 pF

Full specs

Buy €490,00

G - Meter


Isolated wide range voltage input

ADC 24 bit
Sample rate 1 kS/s
Input range ±50, ±10, ±1, ±0.2 V
Isolation 125 Vrms
SNR 90 dB
THD -90 dB
Available soon

BIT - Meter

40 kS/sec sample rate

Firmware upgrade to 40 kS/s

Sample rate 40 kS/s
Applicable to 1xACC, 1xSTG, 1xLV

Full specs

Buy €149,00

Cabling revolution

Reduce cabling cost by 10x for 5 sensors spaced 5 m apart

Instead of running long analog cables from each sensor to a multi-channel device, single channel instruments are daisy chained by an affordable network cable.

Real world case: you have to wire 5 sensors placed in a line at every 5 meters. How much will the cabling cost you?

60 m of analog cable (without connectors)
~ 200 EUR

20 m of UTP cable (connectors included)
~ 20 EUR (10x less!)


Dewesoft X

It’s not just a software

MonoDAQ® comes bundled with award-winning DEWESoft X software.Connect your MonoDAQ® modules and you are ready to measure. Instruments and TEDS-equipped sensors are automatically detected.

Learn more about DEWESoft X

Dewesoft X is a complete software
for data acquisition, storing and analysis.


Plug and Play

MonoDAQ® modules are automatically detected by the software. Setting up the measurement (range, excitation, sensor calibration etc.) is done in no time.


Flexible Displays

Choose from various types of recorders, scopes, 3D graphs and other visual displays. Drag and drop functionality allows quick customization of your measurement screen.


Recording and storing

DEWESoft X streams all of your analog, digital and live math channels directly to the drive. Several triggering conditions are available for storing options.


Advanced data analysis

Post-process recorded data to aid design and quality of your product. DEWESoft X has built in analysis functions like FFT, statistics and IIR/FIR filters. Reporting and export tools are also available.

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