Data acquisition software – DEWESoft X3

DEWESoft is known worldwide as a plug-and-play data acquisition software.

Strong calculation backend brings it into the most demanding applications such as the space shuttle programme.
Easy to use for everyone from students to rocket scientists due to its straightforward user interface.

Each MonoDAQ device includes DEWESoft-LT data acquisition software license. The LT license features hundreds of prepared calculation, display and analysis functions that do not require any programming from the user:

  • time domain recorder
  • XY recorder
  • FFT recorder
  • scope
  • triggered storing
  • GPS
  • video
  • statistics (RMS, peak-peak, STDV etc.)
  • IIR-, FIR-filters
  • integration, derivation
  • array, vector analysis
  • export to Excel, Matlab, Flexpro

Subject to additional DEWESoft licenses, the software also offers advanced engineering modules:

  • sequencer
  • modal analysis
  • order tracking
  • torsional vibration
  • fatigue analysis
  • human vibration
  • combustion analyzer
  • sound level & intensity
  • custom C++ plugins

Start immediately, no programming needed!

DEWESoft X3 data acquisition software package makes it easy to configure hardware, record data and make complex mathematical calculations. Recorders, scope displays, FFTs, filters and statistics are all ready-to-use elements inside DEWESoft. Short videos below show an overview of key features.

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DEWESoft is extremely deep in data acquisition software functionalities. To learn all about it follow the link below for an extensive training portal.

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