Data acquisition hardware and sensors

Data Acquisition Hardware and sensors 

MonoDAQ product porfolio is designed to handle with ease all your Condition Based Monitoring challenges.


We offer measurement devices for permanent and temporary CBM engineering challenges, from single channel to multiple channel EtherCAT or USB DAQ's.

All of the EtherCAT based DAQ devices can be connected  in a virtually unlimited chain by a single cable with up to 50 m node-to-node distance. The whole EtherCAT chain is synchronized to 1 us no matter the distance.

Analog and digital input devices allow the integration of almost any kind of third party sensors. Digital and analog output devices provide the ability to drive actuators or switches.

USB based devices offer a cost effective way of acquiring slow speed temperature or status signals in order to monitor the machine’s operating state.

Our Data Acquisition devices are known for being very robust, fully synchronised, and bringing DAQ very close to sensor eliminating potential noise pick up and reducing expensive analog cables lenght. Offering single to multiple channel DAQ modules enable us to be extremely price effective and always able to offer you the needed solution without paying for channels you don't need!

On top of Data Acquisition devices we help you to select the right sensors (our own or 3rd party) to overcome your Condition Based Monitoring challenge.

MonoDAQ Condition Based Monitoring Hardware