Condition based monitoring software

Condition based monitoring software

MonoDAQ offers two Software Layers for different types of users:

Cloud Based CBM Software
for Maintenance personell

Cloud Based CBM Software


Cloud Software infrastructure is available for graphical representation of the machine state. Time and frequency domain data as well as trends are visualized in the GUI. On top of that, thresholds and alarms settings are available to be used in combination with e-mail or SMS notifications. Final GUI (Graphical User Interface) can be easily customized according to customers requirements.


  • 24/7/365 live readings from your assets.
  • Data are represented with graphs and trends for easier interpretation. Maintenance engineers can further analyse data to understand asset condition and prevent downtime
  • Remote alarms – based on set thresholds the Software automatically warns maintenance teams  about detected problems to quickly assess and address problems.
  • Export of historical data to Full Featured PC Based DEWESoft Software

How everything works: The computated data are delivered from DEWESoft software running on the local PC over OPC UA to the Cloud.

PC Based Software for Experts/System
integrator companies

PC Based Full Feature DEWESoft software for Professionals.

DEWESoft X3 Software is very powerful but yet easy to use, plug&play software. It offers support for many industrial communication protocols (MODBUS, OPC UA, Siemens S7) as well as an easy integration with SCADA.

Each MonoDAQ CBM solution includes DEWESoft LT (Lite) license that offers, already on it's own, hundreds of prepared calculation, display and analysis functions that help maintenance engineers to find the machine problem and it's root cause.

In order to make maintenance engineer life even easier, DEWESoft offers additional features and functionalities (on top of DEWESoft LT) in the DEWESoft PRO (Professional) license.

Most popular feature in the DEWESoft PRO license compared to DEWESoft LT is:

Envelope Detection (Demodulation): a procedure used for early detection of bearing component failures. The feature includes also a very big database of available bearings and it's features. BPFO, BPFO, Cage and Ball defect frequencies are automatically calculated by taking in consideration machine RPM and bearing model characteristics. Envelope detection is available with DEWESoft PRO license.
The most powerful Software package we offer for CBM applications is called DEWESoft Rotating Machinery Analyzer.
Most popular features in the DEWESoft Rotating Machinery Analyzer license, comparing to DEWESoft PRO, are:

Rotor Balancing module: Your rotor unbalance creates high noise and results in earlier machine defects. Detecting unbalance and performing balancing was never so intuitive and easy as with MonoDAQ Hardware and DEWESoft balancing module. Four easy steps to follow are:

  • Initial measure
  • Apply trial balance
  • Re-measure
  • Apply corrective mass
  • Perform final measurement

Balancing module core features are:

  • Single or dual plane balancing on site
  • Simple step-by-step procedure
  • Rich visualization
  • Weight splitting
  • Storage of influence vectors

Order Tracking module:
Is a true ECG for machines. It is perfect to determine the operating condition of the rotating machines (resonances, stable operation points, determinign cause of vibrations). Using order tracking enables you to analyze the performance of each machine part individually.

Rotational and Torsional vibration: Torsional vibrations are quite often a source of issues and faults on the long shafts. Rotational and torsional vibration module along with order tracking is a perfect tool to troubleshoot such issues in automotive, industrial or power-generation applications.

Rotational and Torsional vibration core features:

  • Easy sensor setup
  • Access to all data
  • Advanced math
  • Order tracking integration

Octave Band Analysis: Due to its logarithmic frequency axis, octave analysis is an indispensable tool for sound measurement as well as predictive monitoring. Dewesoft octave analysis solution meets all of the IEC and ANSI Class I specifications for octave filters.

Octave Band Analysis core features:

  • True octave analysis
  • Synthesized analysis
  • Resolution up to 1/24 octave
  • Frequency sound weighting
  • Frequency averaging

SCADA integration

Data transfer from DEWESoft to SCADA is straightforward by using the DEWESoft OPC UA Server or Client Extension module. In this case DEWESoft SW acts as a server or client, depending on the requirements set by the customer.

Industrial communication protocols

OPC UA, Siemens S7, MODBUS, Serial communication and Etherned communication protocols are supported within DEWESoft as an optional upgrade.