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Thermocouples are inexpensive, reliable, and widespread temperature sensors. The voltage differential on their leads can be used to calculate the temperature.

The MonoDAQ U-X comes with preinstalled voltage-temperature correlation functions for most available thermocouples. In order to use them simply select the “Thermocouple ” function and select the type from the type drop-down menu.

Single thermocouple input

The images show the thermocouples with their yellow connectors for illustrative purposes only.

The thermocouples should be connected directly to the U-X (removing the yellow connectors if the thermocouple comes with them).

Extending the thermocouple wires prevents the cold junction compensation and causes a measurement error.

Multiple thermocouples

Up to four thermocouples can be connected to a single MonoDAQ U-X device at the same time.

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